Classroom Acoustics

The Acoustics Company have a dedicated range of acoustic products that have been designed to cover all of the main spaces found in Schools.


Reduce echo in classrooms with design led acoustic products. Help improve creativity and concentration by using our acoustic products.

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Assembly Halls

Improve speech clarity in assembly halls by reducing the surface area of hard surfaces. Improve school image with acoustic artwork and suspended absorbers.

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Sports Halls

Sports halls are often reverberant spaces, due to high ceilings and hard surfaces. The Acoustics Company have a wide range of impact resistant acoustic panels perfect for lining sports halls.

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Acoustic Solutions In Educational Spaces – Improving Creativity and Productivity Though Good Acoustics.

About Classroom Acoustics

Hearing and understanding are important parts of the learning process. A noisy classroom can make these tasks difficult. Noise in the classroom is more than students talking, there are other factors that make it hard to hear and understand in the classroom.

Acoustics is a term used to talk about how sound travels in a room. There are factors in the room design that may make sounds louder or softer, examples include floor rugs, ceiling type, and air ducts. Classroom Acoustics is the term used for these issues in schools.

Background Noise and Reverberation

Two things cause poor classroom acoustics: Too much background noise and/or too much reverberation.

Background noise is any sound that makes it hard to hear. In a classroom, background noise can come from many places, including the following:

  • Sounds from outside the building, such as cars and lawnmowers
  • Sounds from inside the building, such as students talking in the hallway
  • Sounds from inside the classroom, such as air conditioning units and students in the room

Reverberation describes how sounds act in a room after they first happen. Sounds stay in the room when they bounce off desks or walls. If many sounds do this at once, it can get very loud.

Problems Caused by Poor Classroom Acoustics

When classroom acoustics are poor, it can cause problems with how a student;

  • Understands speech.
  • Reads and spells.
  • Behaves in the classroom.
  • Pays attention.
  • Concentrates.

It is important to keep the classroom as quiet as possible for all children.

Good Classroom Acoustics Help Everyone

It is especially important to have a quiet room if a student has;

  • Hearing loss in one or both ears.
  • An ear infection or fluid in the ear.
  • A learning disability.
  • Auditory processing disorder.
  • Speech and language delay.
  • Attention problems.

Teachers also do better if there are good classroom acoustics. Talking in a loud classroom strains the teacher’s voice and may lead to voice problems. (

Improve creativity and learning with exceptional acoustic products. 

The importance of todays school acoustics and its proven link to productivity means that it should never be overlooked.


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Classroom Acoustics
Classroom Acoustics

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