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The Acoustics Company have a dedicated range of acoustic products that have been designed to cover all of the main spaces found in offices:

Breakout Spaces

Reduce echo in breakout spaces with design led acoustic products. Help improve creativity and concentration by using our acoustic office products.

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Meeting Rooms

Improve speech clarity in meeting rooms by reducing the surface area of hard surfaces. Improve brand image with acoustic artwork and suspended absorbers.

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Zone in on your workstation acoustics with acoustic furniture such as Alpha desk dividers, telephone hoods, rafts and so much more, see our full range of products.

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Acoustic Solutions For Offices – Improving Creativity and Productivity Though Good Acoustics.

Today’s workplace is likely to have more open space, lower barriers, more shared spaces for collaboration, fewer assigned seats and all of the distracting challenges that come along with them.

When the density of employees increases, speech distractions increase correspondingly. Workplace blogs are full of proclamations that these trends are ruining productivity. In some cases, this is no doubt true. Every organisation has a different way of working. If space is not designed to allow people to do the specific work that they are responsible for, then the workplace will not be a success.

But when space is designed to work for the organisation, it can be a beautiful, productive workplace. One of the common elements of successful open workplaces is attention to acoustics. A few key considerations need to be examined to create a high-performing acoustical environment. People talk. When they talk, they are little megaphones of sound energy.

That sound travels from the source and bounces off of every surface around them. By adding acoustically absorptive materials, those reflections are reduced and sound does not have as much influence on surrounding co-workers. Having a group of heavy phone users located under a ceiling that is built with painted dry wall, exposed concrete or metal is a formula for distraction.

Similarly, walls of glass provide a powerful reflector for noise. Sound energy has nowhere to go but into the ears of the surrounding people. Adding a good acoustical ceiling baffles, suspended acoustic absorbers and or Echo ceiling panels will reduce the reflected sound and allow a much more comfortable environment that helps improve both creativity and productivity.

Creative and or Functional Acoustic Solutions For Any Office

The importance of todays office acoustics and its proven link to productivity means that it should never be overlooked.


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Our Work In Office Acoustics

Explore our acoustic solutions for office space, meeting rooms and workstations.

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Our Core Values

The team at The Acoustics Company will consult, design, manufacture and install your project from start to finish. Helping you to reduce costs and maximise performance by buying directly from us as the manufacturer or through one of our dedicated specialist partners. Installation projects will be passed over to our dedicated partners who specialise in the supply and install of The Acoustics Companies products.

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