Suspended Acoustic Absorbers – Acoustic performance right where you need it.

Our client had created an open plan creative workspace that allowed the ideas to be shared easily, The space supported and even encouraged collaboration and peer support. BUT space was a converted industrial building with a hard metal frame, tin roof, and concrete floor. These hard surfaces and multi-faceted shapes bounced the noise around the space in an uncontrolled manner, leading to reverberation and echo issues that impacted the productivity of the team.

What was required was a way of managing the noise where it was needed, value for money was also important as the main budget had been spent on refurbishing the building in the first place.

The solution was a series of Lattice suspended acoustic absorbers which were placed above the area needed, and only where needed! The Lattice Suspended Absorber offered an excellent targeted sound absorption solution. The grid-type design increased absorption and the angles and shapes took the energy out of the sound before it could reverberate off the metal ceiling. Also as the Lattice is easy to install the client could do this in-house, saving even more money. As the Lattice is manufactured from recycled polyester, prominently sourced from bottles and other recyclable PET consumables it met the customer’s eco ambitions.

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